Who Sang Death Trip? Bad Livers

Bad Livers Blood & Mood cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 4:28
well it's a death trip trying to follow someone else's dream
when the world that you know goes splitting at the seams
i love my little baby like i love my old machine
she left me for a feller that she hardly ever seen
i'm on a death trip baby, i'm on a death trip

well my world tumbled down when the leaves began to fall
she took out all her dresses and her picture in the hall
i found her car standing running at the shopping mall
and the phone never rings and i'm a staring at the wall
well the teacher and the preacher said my world was burning down
my daddy said he didn't want to see my face around
the police pulled me over on the other side of town
said the lawyers and the deacon said i sold it by the pound

well my old man told me that i better pack up all my things
and find a place to live if i had a half a brain
he left me selling papers standing freezing in the rain
and i thank jesus everyday i won't grow up again
well i finally found a woman that could ease my troubled mind
i hug her in the morning and i kiss her all the time
when i come home from working you can see my baby shine
and the boss man tries to keep me working overtime
the sun shines down on our faces all the time
when her car won't start i can let her drive in mine

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  • 2 I'm Losing
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  • 4 Looky Here
  • 5 Love Songs Suck
  • 6 The Legend of Sawdust Boogers
  • 7 Death Trip
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