Out of the City Lyrics - Bad Lizard

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length: 4:04
Yeeeeeeeeeah ....

Never again, I go up there,
it"s going round and round,
it"s crowling across my head.
We couldn"t see, but we could hear,
a sound like a human breath,
above a burying place.
We tried to run, but we couldn"t move.
We were surrounded by a red light.
Looking around, face to face,
fighting against this might,
against that breathing spell.
We heard a voice,
that grew and grew, it says:
'leave this place, untill the moon goes down'.
we tried to run, but we couldnit move,
we were surrounded, we were shouting loud.
Out of the city, go away,
out of the city, stay away,
out of the city, oh Lord go away,
out of the city .....


Yeeeeeeeeeah ...

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