Bad Moon Rising - Dangerous Game 歌詞

length: 4:03
Do you feel the fire burning
When you're laying there alone
Do you feel a strange desire
Take to the dangerzone
Are you looking for a lover
Are you looking for a thrill
Do your demons pull you under
As they move in for the kill ?
When you hear the voices call
And you know there's no escape
From the devil in us all.
When you feel the fire burn
You know there is no return.
As you lay there alone

You wanna dance with the devil
In the pale moonlight
Take a chance in the shadows
Like a thief in the night
You're a slave to desire
Like a moth to flame
When you dance with the devil
It's a dangerous game.
So you go lookin' for some lovin'
On the sleazy side of the town
You can feel the motor hummin'
As you watch the deals go down
There's a man there in the shadows
With another soul to sell
It's another red light nightmare
Gonna take you down to hell.

And you're a long way from home.