Who Sang Imagine? Bad Ronald

Bad Ronald Bad Ronald cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-9-11
Genre: Hip Hop Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 4:12

Imagine you was asleep when you was awake
And awake when you were sleeping
And everything you thought was reality, was you dreaming?
Imagine we were all cartoons just for the hell of it
I'd probably be at the zoo riding an elephant

Imagine it was relevant to imagine at all
Imagine you could jump without having to fall
Imagine having it all for less than a buck
Imagine a girl who could Knoblauch better than Chuck

Imagine x-ray vision working at Victoria's Secret
With a sign that says blow out scale come in and peep it
Ladies and gentlemen I believe we have a winner
Imagine I was at your mom's house having dinner
Imagine someone assembled a crowd for me to pee on
Imagine I took a big fat shit on Celine Dion

Imagine all your nightmares were actually true
Every daydream you had would be reality too
Imagine I was at your job where you work
With a bong and a forty ounce under my shirt

Imagine I was in your class taking a test
With my eyes on your paper and my mind on your breasts
Imagine I was sitting shotgun in your ride
Blowing smoke in your face while you're trying to drive
Imagine I was all fucked up and you were sober
I made it all the way home, your bitch ass got pulled over

Imagine right now, we all under surveillance being peeped
Imagine you could take back all those times you freaked
Tweaked and bugged out, said, "Life suck"
If I was virgin plane pilot, I wouldn't give a flying fuck

Imagine hitting the lotto, except one digit
And giving less of a shit than a constipated midget
Imagine I was calm and didn't have one fear
Went above and beyond the call of duty to the call of diarrhea

Imagine me on a W.B. CD spittin'
Imagine me at your crib right now, shittin'
Hittin' the peace pipe, in full length mink
Imagine you in yellow spandex at the roller skating rink

Spit a unrehearsed verse at a nurse with no curse
Get rich, still make a chick dig in her purse
And front my operation, brain too big for my head
Should I spin the wheel of fortune? I say, "Jack pat instead"

Loose in London, steady Buckingham at the palace
Or lost in wonderland taking a rip off the chalice
Imagine you was me, imagine I was you
Imagine all the fucked up stuff we could do

CD 1
  • 1 Let's Begin (Shoot the Shit)
  • 2 Bad Idea
  • 3 All a Dream
  • 4 I Nead Love
  • 5 Delivery
  • 6 Hand on the Wheel
  • 7 Lost on Tour
  • 8 1st Time
  • 9 Jaime
  • 10 EZ Decision
  • 11 Popcorn Tities
  • 12 Imagine
  • 13 My Two Sense
  • 14 Bank
  • 15 Let's Begin (Shoot the Shit) (Rock remix)

  • Release information
    label: Reprise Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 093624810728
    script: Latin