Ball & Chain Lyrics - Badlands

Badlands Badlands cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1989-5-23
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Blues Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 4:12
producer: Paul O’Neill and Badlands
membranophone: Eric Singer
lead vocals: Ray Gillen
mixer: David Thoener and James A. Ball
engineer: James A. Ball
guitar: Jake E. Lee
keyboard: Jake E. Lee
bass guitar: Greg Chaisson
writer: Jake E. Lee, Ray Gillen
Hey now won't ya listen
About a tale of a heartbreak queen
The kind of girl that makes Bogie fall
On a late night movie screen

She wraps a look around ya
Turns a wise man to the fool
Lord, save my soul
`Cause I feel like I'm fallin' through
I said yeah, alright

Gimme that ball and chain now

I hear the sound of sweet and rumble
Every time that she walks on by
Your song keeps burnin' in my ears
Makes me wanna crawl deep inside

Sweet jesus, it gives me trouble
Something I don't understand
The girl has got a chain around my heart
Help me, Jesus, to the promise land
Alright, alright

Gimme that ball and chain now
Oh, oh, shine
Oh, oh, oh, fall Angelica, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Before too long I know
You'll be back in my arms before too long
Lord, save me now


Sweet sound of mercy
Such a hard woman to know
Her freedom flies like a golden bird
It's makin' me lose control
All I know is that I love her
Sweet jesus, hear my plea
All I know is that the heartbreak queen
Is taking a piece of me, of me, of me
Alright, alright

Gimme that ball and chain now

Gimme that ball and chain now
Well, gimme that ball and chain, yeah
Ooh, oh, yeah

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