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length: 3:51
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Love is the Reason
that I feel the way I do
can`t help this feeling,
that i feel when I`m with you.
Just like a storm when I`m alone
my heart is happy too
Nowhere to go, feel so low
cos I want to be with you.

Life without you would be nothing
just like a song without a tune.
and life without you would be empty
just like the night without a moon.
Love is the season
that blossoms in my heart
and love is the reason that I`m lost
i`m lost when we`re apart.
Love is the reason that i feel the way I do

When I`m with you I know what to do
and I don`t feel any doubt in my heart.
here in my heart it`s something
to do with the way that I Love you.
and it`s always been that way from the start
right from the start. oh Yeah.


Thanks to Anamarie15

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