Who Sang Dua? Baht

Release information
Release Date: 2012
length: 4:45
Here we are at the backyard of the universe bordered all around
Living in the endless lands, trying to find a point to look at
While can't find anything to serve for, we've created our individual god
Started judging of our kind, killing the innocent soul inside
The last version of intelligence has been born inside the mud
The will of so called freedom replaced it in the body
A huge playground has been settled to start the holly entertainment
Every prayer has opened their eyes as a "Truman" on this sphere
Don't even bother make up yourself to the mighty creator
'Cause you are already born with an inexcusable sin inside
Every time you try to wash yourself with the chrism
You are just digging your soul into this deep swamp

CD 1
  • 1 The Trauma
  • 2 Neden?
  • 3 Dua
  • 4 Lost & Found
  • 5 Creedish
  • 6 Sacred Enigma
  • 7 Introspection
  • 8 Orientation