Who Sang Introspection? Baht

Release information
Release Date: 2012
length: 6:34
Now it is the time for releasing our holdings
Right against to the giant primal egotism
Maybe we should start establishing with our hands
That mighty, non subjective the courting hall
"I did not do it all by myself
My own defence mechanism made me do them all
I would never exalt my selfishness at this way"
You shouldn't be afraid of what will happen next
Don't worry: You will not be hurt, bled or dead
The only possessions that will be judged by ours are
Your mind and it's creations, infinite imagination
"It was almost impossible to tell that was just a dream
All I felt was just taking a deep breath inside
Even for once, I felt I am breathing inside"
Millions of hands are up to vote the returnless sentence
Your own salvation has just been started by the judge
You will clarify your conviction by burning the skin
Which were covering your innocent blood into your veins

You were born with a symbolic sin
All after behaviours are signed by you
You lead this path to reach those hills
On top of everything, just below the endless sky
You are now king of your own mind land
Without anyone is trespassing
No stairways on your way
An one way ticket to the wisdom
Enjoy the sound of loneliness
Whispering thoughts all by your side
A continuous rhythm on your ears
A trembling string...

CD 1
  • 1 The Trauma
  • 2 Neden?
  • 3 Dua
  • 4 Lost & Found
  • 5 Creedish
  • 6 Sacred Enigma
  • 7 Introspection
  • 8 Orientation