Who Sang Orientation? Baht

Release information
Release Date: 2012
length: 5:29
It always starts with the rebirth of already dirtied soul
But they orient you to believe that it was pure white at the beginning
Then the loading of essayed virtues comes within it
And now you are ready to serve the whole, the roots of your so called identity
Whenever you try to open up your eyes even if just for a second
Your eyes shall be blinded
Afterwards that it will be seen someday
Only hope that you'll see the ending edges of big shadow
Daylight is just a paradise
A point to reach that you should motivate yourself
To be there for a second and even more
To be enlightened and meet with your open source soul

Don't be afraid to lose the battle once more
It has never been won before, it won't be ever
You have started beneath the surface at first
Your final destination is always below

CD 1
  • 1 The Trauma
  • 2 Neden?
  • 3 Dua
  • 4 Lost & Found
  • 5 Creedish
  • 6 Sacred Enigma
  • 7 Introspection
  • 8 Orientation