Who Sang The Trauma? Baht

Release information
Release Date: 2012
length: 5:42
Look at the reflection of blinded eyes through the mirror
Try to see the shadowed silhouette on your soul
Avoid from the prejudged, optimistic, owned words
Ask yourself the most well-known but hasn't answered one
The question includes its own answer among the fogged thoughts
The body burns from the inside where the fire's within it
Just try to shout it out, so that can be confessed
This is the last call to be waken up from your reality
Son nefesindir bu, bilincin zayıflıyor
Perde hep olduğu yerde, sadece yansıtıyor
Algıların değiştikçe, zihninde içselleşecek
Rüya dediğin, gerçeğin olmak üzere

Be prepared to be faced up with your swallowed soul
The trauma's already started since you lost the lead

The only way to be existed on this struggle
Is looking to the black-white frozen screen
And trying to see the coloured motions inside

CD 1
  • 1 The Trauma
  • 2 Neden?
  • 3 Dua
  • 4 Lost & Found
  • 5 Creedish
  • 6 Sacred Enigma
  • 7 Introspection
  • 8 Orientation