Who Sang Always? Bambix

Bambix Bleeding in a Box cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-2-22
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
We have always been so close
Though days go by so soon
And I've always had the urge to slip
Right in my mamma's shoes
She sat there waiting for the stars
Pointing where they were
When I got sick she told me stories
Things I never heard
put a blanket and a pillow
on a bed of shining suns
We have always been so close
Though time runs out like hell
Those soft whispers in a nightmare's night
Of darken days to come
The acceptance, and the need
For comfort would be there
The suddenly appearance
Of the ones.....
Always, yeah always
Always find the roads where I once came from
Always yeah always
Will shine
Waving by the window
Giving a big kiss
Wishing we would have some more time
Never been that easy
But for that life of bliss
The biggest of the biggest hearts would wish

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