Who Sang No Way? Bambix

Release information
Release Date: 2004-1-1
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 3:35
I cry befor an open door democracy don't live
she left without a trace those funny feelings
when i kissed her when i had her and i ditched her suddenly seem misplaced it's a cold war. a
closed door when someone speaks out for me i lost the
chance to give my views i'm sick. i have to be
renewed and there's no way, no way to let
the sun shine in today to give you back another day to
have you pushing me away where's the action when
i need it i should get out and bleed Cuz it neves
comes for free Burning eyes. burning lungs Censorship
for burning tongues that can neves speak again.

CD 1
  • 1 Spotlight
  • 2 Revolution
  • 3 Leaking Fuel
  • 4 Fundamentalist
  • 5 No Way
  • 6 So Sorry Song
  • 7 Flippin, USA
  • 8 Coupe Turn Off
  • 9 No. 1
  • 10 Little Less Drunk
  • 11 Jester
  • 12 Bullet
  • 13 Media Medusa