Who Sang Under the Moon? Bambix

Bambix Bleeding in a Box cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-2-22
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 2:54
I went from Hellmond to LA
With a backpack of hypocrisy
Pointing me the way
to the ultimate blasphemy
flew right back to france
my courage dropped right in my pants
so I headed back home
only to be sent away
so I tried to hunt it and grab it
as long as I had it
I didn't care what I lost
integrity I couldn't see
but all the negativity
already shaken off
pointing the finger
to those that lingered
hung around for too long
the cities looked the same to me
I might as well be constantly
Simply on the run
it was the song of the moon
we were on fire
under the moon
we shared desires
under the moon
we got inspired
under the moon
where we fell down
the dark side of the moon
didn't grab me
neither did your words
a fresh look of what
supposed to be out there
i simply overheard
Got my paycheck
Then I headed
Back to where I had begun
To a track where I had once laid back
And I started to run

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Under the Moon
  • 2 Bottle
  • 3 Mount Neverest
  • 4 Tiny Tune
  • 5 Leave Luke be
  • 6 Bleeding in a Box
  • 7 Dirtpath
  • 8 Tyra Banks
  • 9 Easy come, Easy Go
  • 10 You and Me
  • 11 Viva Las Vegans
  • 12 Always
  • 13 To Not Do