Who Sang Bad Standing? Barcode

Release information
Release Date: 2005-4-11
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore
length: 1:56
Enrol the superior hype
Submit to the tribe
Herd mentality style
Brothers unite
Support the outlaw war
Canon fodder - settle the score
Humiliation to the core
One for all
To me you're all in bad standing
To me you're all in bad standing
Limitless - DOWN BY LAW
Sacrifice - DOWN BY LAW
Do or die - DOWN BY LAW
Monkey say - DOWN BY LAW
Monkey do - DOWN BY LAW
f___ing fool - DOWN BY LAW
Paradise imitative life
Nothing mentioned - nothing denied
Nonentities driven by fright
Brothers with pride
Far out still standing tall
REAL REBELS - unreal cause
Call it honour - call it hardball
The insignia call
To me you're all in bad standing
BOW DOWN sanity
Bow down humanity

CD 1
  • 1 Shots Out
  • 2 Rise to Dignity
  • 3 Showdown
  • 4 For What It's Worth
  • 5 Fanatics
  • 6 End the War
  • 7 No Lust for Life
  • 8 Bad Standing
  • 9 Drinkslinger
  • 10 In the Pit
  • 11 Make My Day
  • 12 Padre Siffredi
  • 13 Game of the Lame
  • 14 Stressed
  • 15 Agressive Grim Filthy
  • 16 I'm a Rebel (Accept Cover)