Who Sang Every Little Bit Hurts? Barton Carroll

Barton Carroll Avery County, I'm Bound to You cover art
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length: 3:47
that ol' drinkin' man livin' out on Tatum's land
well I've known him in this town all my life
he sips away his days, and he's got a kindly way
and if you care to set a spell, he will abide
I said, "You never look much troubled and the years are coming on. There must be some secret that you own."

he said, "Son, I never fight with old Jose. You know I always hold out for Patron. So with a moment of your time won't you spare an old man a dime? We'll go down (to) the liquor store, and we'll go dancin' through the door. 'Cause you know every little bit hurts!"

that ex-girl of mine had me lovesick all the time
oh, boys. she was a beauty in the day
and stolen from my arms by a man with vacant charm
and it didn't take him long to fly away
two children at home, left to mind them on her own
now she's downtown dancin' on a pole
she said, "It's good to see you, hon. Oh, and didn't we have some fun back before we knew the ways of the world? So you got a twenty dollar bill for me? I'm gonna make you the VIP. And for old time's sake let's go make the earth quake! 'Cause you know every little bit hurts!"

I went to see the preacher, and I told him where I'd been
I said, "Man, there is a sadness wide and deep."
he said, "Son, you best come in and repent for all your sins and the wicked company you keep. That strong drink will make you turn, and Babylon will burn, and Jezebel will tempt you from the truth."
he said, "Leave it all behind! You gotta live for the next life. Big Daddy's got his eye on you!"

and I said, "Man, for what it's worth I'll take my chances on this earth. That sounds more like a trap door than the word."

and on my way to his gate I dropped a nickel in his plate.

I said, "You know every little bit hurts!"

CD 1
  • 1 The Straight Mile
  • 2 It Had to Be a Train
  • 3 Laveda
  • 4 The Beech Mountain Waltz
  • 5 Pauline
  • 6 What a Picture Is
  • 7 Mama’s Making Something on the Loom
  • 8 Every Little Bit Hurts
  • 9 The Saviors of the World
  • 10 Avery County, I’m Bound to You