Last Ride Lyrics - Beach House

Beach House 7 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-5-11
producer: Beach House and Sonic Boom
performer: Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally
mixer: Alan Moulder
engineer: Caesar Edmunds
recording engineer: David Tolomei, Beach House and Mikhail Pivovarov
arranger: Beach House
writer: Beach House
lyricist: Beach House
There she goes
Under the sun
Some question there

Roll her eyes
Blond your hair
Fake eyelashes

Sun came up
Baby went black
And she rolled over

Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah

There she goes (Ah, ah, ah)
Around the bend (Ah, ah, ah)
The sun is low (Ah, ah, ah)
Unknown friend

There she goes (Ah, ah, ah)
The sun went back (Ah, ah, ah)
The cycle ends (Ah, ah, ah)

Who takes your name back (Ah, ah, ah)
When he said he's four streets from your bed (Ah, ah, ah)
And I'm love in his sake

There she goes (Ah, ah, ah)
On her bike (Ah, ah, ah)
Earth to the side (Ah, ah, ah)

When you're loving oh so nice
And I love you back
When the sun rises, ah
Who will call you back?

(It's a last ride)
(It's just a last ride)
(It's just a last ride)

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