Majorette Lyrics - Beach House

Beach House Thank Your Lucky Stars cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-10-10
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Ethereal/Indie Rock
producer: Beach House and Chris Coady
membranophone: Graham Hill
mixer: Manuel Calderon and Beach House
engineer: Manuel Calderon and David Tolomei
arranger: Beach House
keyboard: Alex Scally
percussion: Graham Hill
strings: Alex Scally
bass guitar: Victoria Legrand
assistant engineer: Jay Wesley
writer: Beach House
Imitation red carnation
Nothing is new and either are you

It's what you say you don't do
Bottom of your well, that's where you fell

Majorette like there's nothing left
If there was nothing left to lose
Then you'd have something to prove

And you would never tip your hat
Has it come to that
Watch it spin like that

Watch you spin like that

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Majorette
  • 2 She’s So Lovely
  • 3 All Your Yeahs
  • 4 One Thing
  • 5 Common Girl
  • 6 The Traveller
  • 7 Elegy to the Void
  • 8 Rough Song
  • 9 Somewhere Tonight