One Thing Lyrics - Beach House

Beach House Thank Your Lucky Stars cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-10-10
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Ethereal/Indie Rock
length: 5:35
producer: Beach House and Chris Coady
membranophone: Graham Hill
mixer: Manuel Calderon and Beach House
engineer: Manuel Calderon and David Tolomei
arranger: Beach House
guitar: Victoria Legrand
percussion: Graham Hill
strings: Alex Scally
assistant engineer: Jay Wesley
writer: Beach House
One thing yea about you
You always yea you always know
What's happening
Perfect in the morning
And you ruin it in the evening

When a likeness comes
You're lucky just to meet
Come down the hill
And up the stairs
She never really sleeps

Closer now in the mirror
Your reflection, my reflection
Growing nearer
Pressure oh the pressure
In confession


When a likeness comes
You're always out of reach
The faces in the secondhand
A little **** off kiss

That you're lucky just to meet
Come down the hill
'Cause she never really sleeps

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