Who Sang Venetian Hautboy? Beatrice Antolini

Release information
Release Date: 2010-11-5
length: 3:14
Walking through
a floating land
he looks upset
have you ever seen the sun?
but this thing was over done
and you draw your life
you'll never fall out
venetian hautboy
i think of you

own and now
find there
walking down to her
self and non
to be a haunt
look upward
and hide

Junky, unthinking, untidy life
lucky thing
what's the upside?
I haven't much time just now
but this thing was over done
and i spoke of them
i have to forget
venetian hauntboy
i think of you

CD 1
  • 1 Piece of Moon
  • 2 We're Gonna Live
  • 3 Planet
  • 4 Mutantsonic
  • 5 Eastern Sun
  • 6 Paranormal
  • 7 BioY
  • 8 Venetian Hautboy
  • 9 Abletable
  • 10 Night SHD