Who Sang Motorcycle Daydream? Bedroom Eyes

Release information
Release Date: 2010-8-25
length: 2:54

I will state my case;

Yes, I've wasted all these days

Just letting all my hopes mislead me in a haze

A sad cliché

But her absent smile has left me dazed

I won't use spite to find my way

All of my thoughts are soothing illusions

The start is new but I saw the ending scene

In this motorcycle daydream

Anticipation wrapped in confusion

Every bit of sense left along the line

There's a motorcycle daydream in my mind

I could need a hand

And I truly never planned

To go and fuck it up again and here I stand


Every bit and piece, there's no small clue

Helping me get closer to you

Thinking ahead of time is my weak part

Self-dramatizing, trusting what I've foreseen

In this motorcycle daydream

Wishful events will orbit my lit heart

Plain sick of all the things I can't leave behind

There's a motorcycle daydream in my mind

CD 1
  • 1 (Here's One For You) Underdog
  • 2 Hand-In-Hand Grenade
  • 3 Manifesto Of A Midair Alliance
  • 4 Sincerely (Formerly) Yours
  • 5 The Traveler's Hi-Fi Gospel
  • 6 Motorcycle Daydream
  • 7 Blueprint For Departure
  • 8 The Skywriter
  • 9 Norwegian Pop
  • 10 Dancing Under Influence