Who Sang Sincerely (Formerly) Yours? Bedroom Eyes

Release information
Release Date: 2010-8-25
length: 3:40

We shared the same shadow those days
For years had we our closeness chased
Wired heart-wise and allied
I held you tight when you cried
"My mind is such a crowded place
And this road leads us in two different ways"
I still consider you my best friend
Where do I start, where do we end?
The hell with "time will heal all wounds"
Time is all, all I have left
Reading your online diary- it is binary killing me
Yet the only way to reconnect with your life now
A black dog is following me
I run but I barely breathe anymore
The world spins, I'm absent and numb
Nothing is meant to die young
Nothing is meant to die young

CD 1
  • 1 (Here's One For You) Underdog
  • 2 Hand-In-Hand Grenade
  • 3 Manifesto Of A Midair Alliance
  • 4 Sincerely (Formerly) Yours
  • 5 The Traveler's Hi-Fi Gospel
  • 6 Motorcycle Daydream
  • 7 Blueprint For Departure
  • 8 The Skywriter
  • 9 Norwegian Pop
  • 10 Dancing Under Influence