Who Sang So Far Gone? Beefy

Beefy With Sprinkles cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010
length: 4:15
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Im lucky as the wheat grass grows, I was blessed with the flows
That could get me all the girlies in the videos
I'm so far gone
That's what I'm talking about
I'm so far gone
Baby so far gone
Up in the air not a plane or a bird
Just the man at the core of the thing you call nerd
And I'm so far gone
Man, this is magic
I'm so far gone
Baby so far gone

I want out this place. Boom! Outer space
Fighting off an army, gotta use a mask to hide the face
Got my plates and ran the digits, then they pull up to the spot
Of course I'll buy some cookies, I'm just glad your not the cops
Hear half of all your say, I bother much to analyze it
Pretty kitten something something something something legalize it!
You sound just like Digg, and I know that you're with Coco
But if you go with Beef we go to PAX, meet Front and JoCo
See you got your nose pressed firm again the glass
Not a fan? You can kiss the fattest part of my ass
Achievement Unlocked, another chump destroyed
Gotta beat, ya got a mic, but buddy boy that ain't a toy
Other rappers are the corn flakes, I'm the prize that waits inside
These people bought a ticket, gotta take em for a ride
Now I'm lifted, King Beef, you can call me sire
Seems like only California loves the thing I desire

Thinking back on every evil thing that I've done
On a suicide run, go back to disk one
Turn off electronics then I'm back to being nothing
I can beat ya up and blast ya and... whatever I'm just fronting
Playstation calls my name, think that I could use a break
On the internet discussing authenticity of cake
Baby each and every day you take a big bite of life
Gotta long road ahead full of gonads and strife
And the lightning! LOLing bout the past
Not ok, but you know that those troubles will not last
Flipping through the channels, peep the bunnies in the grotto
Hit the market, cross your fingers, you and me could win the lotto
Spin the globe and use your pointer to decide our destination
We've been working hard enough, we could use a year vacation
But until that day, you might as well sit back
And we can count up all the ways that we can find to relax

Up, up, and away
Up, up, and away

Live it like you dream it, I got everything thing I need
Packed into a tiny townhouse about to blow on Christmas Eve
Can't a guy just take a little peek inside the stocking
Based upon the weight I think I got the thing that I've been wanting
Rip it and discover that the matrix is now mine
Autobeats survive, you can call me Beefy Prime
Wackacons are back, almost ripping through the seams
Ain't been the same since our heroes transformed into human beings
OMG its up to me, put it in my chest!
Like Optimus and Rodimus and Wheelie now I'm blessed
Headed for success. I cover East and West and Northside
There's another gang rappers that can deal with Southern bad guys
Allies where you at? On the team that you can trust
Excuse me while I resurrect the one and only Airbus
Protecting you is what we do!
On our way to Cybertron, we so far gone yo how bout you?

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  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin