Who Sang Nomad Soul? Before Eden

Release information
Release Date: 2005-7
length: 6:06
Spirit that walks alone
Seek and you shall find
In this endless road
Lights blind and hold the night
Lost knowledges
Ghosts in a wide world
They dance around me, temptating me
Calling me, daring me, facing me, yeah
Waiting to be a part of my being
Everywhere I go
A brand world brings me a new horizon

Spirit that feels so cold
Lies, under the heart of the frozen storm
Flashes blind across the sky
Lightnings reflecting, in my closed eyes
They draw all my fears
Inside my mind, while I sleep
In my dreams, now I scream, yeah, trying
To awake from this choice I made
This pouring rain
Makes reality arise out from the shadows
I see the tragic way it goes
The choice was made without remorse
Far from home, the fatalities of been alone
But I must face my destiny
Put my soul of from misery
This strange feeling
That is leading me to the unknown
The Nomad Soul - (3x)
You know my soul!!!!!

CD 1
  • 1 Nomad Soul
  • 2 Wizard of the South
  • 3 Essence
  • 4 The Legacy of Gaia: I. Earth Cry
  • 5 The Legacy of Gaia: II. Enemy Eve
  • 6 The Legacy of Gaia: III. Toast of Mankind
  • 7 The Legacy of Gaia: IV. Nova
  • 8 The Legacy of Gaia: V. Tomorrow's Gone
  • 9 The Legacy of Gaia: VI. Everland
  • 10 Reality