Fades Like a Song Lyrics - Bella Morte

Release information
Release Date: 2008-10-7
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Goth Rock
length: 3:39
I lay you to rest
Lay it all in the ground
Let the past be the past and move on
Candles dim
Curtains fall
We all fall

I lay you to rest
try to silence the sound
Fall asleep to the voice of a storm
Windows close
Seas will dry
And the memories fade like a song [X 3]

I lay you to rest
Set the oceans on fire
Let this die so that something might live
Through the day
One more day
One more day

I lay you to rest
Watch it all drift away
Though I still hear you speaking my name
Chapters end
Hearts grow cold
And the memories fade like a song [X 4]

Far and away
Once more
One last wish and you're gone again
Quieter still as this wind blows through me
Fades with the days but you'll never be gone
Fades with the days
And the days are gone
Memories fade like a song [X 5]

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