Who Sang Games People Play? Ben Colder

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Oh that's got a good feelin' don't it kids
Oh I didn't expect all that enthusiasm

Once I lived a very simple life
I had a girl that loved me alright
Till she found out about my wife
That's a dirty rotten shame

I told my girl just the other day
Let's play the game that other people play
Dern if she didn't up and run away
Singing na na na na no no

Once a fella from the goverment
Said Uncle Sam ain't gonna pay your rent
So they put me in an army tent
And let me carry a gun hotdog

Well I met a fella down the way
He said he hadn't had a bite in days
So I bit him then I run away
Singing da da dah a ha ha
La la la da da lat'en da lat'en da

I took my girl to a fishin' hole
I even taught her how to hold a pole
I was hot but the beer was cold
And we didn't catch a thing I don't think

No need to be sour we can laugh by the hour
And we'll eat up all the flowers
While we frolick in the grass yes we will

Lat'en da da da

Oh we make one another (cry)
Break a heart and we say (goodbye)
Cross our hearts and we hope (to die)
That's a silly way to sing ain't it

Look around and tell me what you see
Is there anybody here that wants me
Hey lady you wanna play a little game with me
It's like the game that people play

Lat'en da lat'en da
We can have a good time I'm a lot of fun
Lat'en da lat'en da
Let's do it again get the words right kids
Lat'en da lat'en da

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