!!! - Bend Over Beethoven 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2007-1-24
length: 8:07
producer: Justin Van Der Volgen and The Brothers
mixer: Justin Van Der Volgen and The Brothers
Infinite open eternity eternally
Just let it happen one hundred percent moment
Say fear is good 'cause
That's how you know where you've got to break through
Yourself, misunderstood
Why should you even care?
You're scared of you

Before you know it, you're like "don't, don't, don't stop
Don't, don't, don't stop"
Bend over Beethoven
Tell mother the news

It don't matter what it means
Everybody knows that life's a dream

CD 1
  • 1 Myth Takes
  • 2 All My Heroes Are Weirdos
  • 3 Must Be the Moon
  • 4 A New Name
  • 5 Heart of Hearts
  • 6 Sweet Life
  • 7 Yadnus
  • 8 Bend Over Beethoven
  • 9 Break in Case of Anything
  • 10 Infinifold
  • 11 Myth Takes (alternate)