Who Sang Mary Lou? Benny Carter

Benny Carter Swingin' the '20s cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1988
length: 3:09
alto saxophone & trumpet: Benny Carter
piano: Earl Hines
drums (drum set): Shelly Manne
double bass: Leroy Vinnegar
writer: George Waggner, J. Russel Robinson
translator: Paul Briquet
Life is a play and we all play a part
The lover, the dreamer, the clown
The dreamer and lover are always in tears
The clown spreads sunshine around
The life with a smile is the life worthwhile
The clown till the curtain comes down

Even though you're only make believing
Laugh, clown, laugh!
Even though something inside is grieving
Laugh, clown, laugh!
Don't let your heart grow too mellow
Just be a real punchinello, fellow

You're supposed to brighten up a place
And laugh, clown, laugh!
Paint a lot of smiles around your face
And laugh, clown, don't frown
Dressed in your best colored humor
Be a pallietto and laugh, clown, laugh!

CD 1
  • 1 Thou Swell
  • 2 My Blue Heaven
  • 3 Just Imagine
  • 4 If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)
  • 5 Sweet Lorraine
  • 6 Who's Sorry Now
  • 7 Who's Sorry Now (alternate take)
  • 8 Laugh! Clown! Laugh!
  • 9 Laugh! Clown! Laugh! (alternate take)
  • 10 All Alone
  • 11 All Alone (alternate take)
  • 12 Mary Lou
  • 13 In a Little Spanish Town
  • 14 Someone to Watch Over Me
  • 15 A Monday Date