3 Mill Lyrics - Berner

Berner 20 Lights cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-6
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:39
[Verse 1:]
No crutches now I smoke dutches
Crushed the whole city leave my name on the buses
Your weed ain't shit you don't even flush it
I smoke till I choke till I get busted
All around the world fuckin' bitches for fun now
This is how I chill let me give you the run down
Cookie joints in the AM i be in the cuts just blazin'
Too many girls on my phone keep playing really I'm cool
I got way bitches more pretty than you
Yeah I'm young rich crazy and I'm willing to shoot
I need a big body Benz I don't fit in the coupe
Shit.. Ridin' through the city like a kingpin
Santa Cruz 12 bitches at the TreeMed
Made a couple hundreds in a weekend
This is how I chill when I'm smoked out cheefin'

This is how I feel when you count 3 Mill
The money the cars the pills the girls with the high heels
Yeah this is really how it feels
When I hit em Imma steal uhh
This is how I feel when you count 3 Mill
The hitta the greed the thieves
I'm rollin all this good weed
Yeah this is really how it be look
This is how I feel when you count 3 Mill

[Verse 2:]
A few flights and my friends blue lights in my Benz
Long nights I don't like when it ends
Imma roam the strips or blow the flip
I went from selling coke to 20 lights grows and shit
Yeah she pass stay hella fresh
Yeah she got good pussy and she sellin it
I told her give your boy the digits and we can kick it
Yeah I'm all in her ear you ever thought of strippin..yes
This the flyest shit I ever smoked
50 grand in the envelope
Selling dope got me right where I'm at
17 I took a flight with the bag please
That ain't real cookie nah that's bag seed
Yall don't touch where you grab that piece
I'm really playing with mills I got my weed lit burnin 93' till


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