Pass Me the Green Lyrics - Berner feat. Migos

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Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-6
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:21

[Hook: Berner]
Pass me the green, I need some weed with my Hennessy
Pass me the green, I need some weed with my Hennessy

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Double shot of Henn, I need some cookies indeed
Pull up in Atlanta with Berner, that burner on me
What the fuck do you mean? Quavo ballin', Rasheed
Trappin' big birds, I got 'em off of Sesame Street
Mob ties, living legend the live, that's what I go by
And the lean double sealed, pour the whole thing in the soda
Won't fall away, my nigga, pull up and do a drive by
Charge me with gang activity, you seen that shit on Fox 5

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Smokin' OG gas bag in my matte black Jag
Maison Margiela, my foot on the gas
Gold on my neck, but I'm not Trinidad
I walk in the mall, I'm not checkin' the tags
[?], got a paper tag
Trunk locked so a nigga be trafficking
Double cup [?] Actavis
I had a cuban link before this rappin' shit
Niggas don't really want beef, they be squashin' it
Berner like OG gas bag with his Hennessy
Pourin' up, Peach Cris with my Actavis
And my diamond chain rain dancin'
Wildin' out like I'm Nick Cannon
My nigga trappin' Mariah Carey
Mask on like Jim Carrey!

[Hook: Berner] x2

[Verse 3: Berner]
Eyes hella red, I brought this weed from California
I'm smokin' OG, yeah the cut from South Florida
Smoke so thick, man it kinda make my eye hurt
'Fore I had the Cookie shit, I was pushin' Pie first
Hopped out the game for a minute, but I'm back now
My bitch take trips out of state, she from Sac Town
Coffee colored paint, inside pure fish scale
Buy another bag, throw the turkey on the big scale
I'ma need some "Y" for the head, boy the lemon tree
Pass me the green, I need some weed with my Hennessy
Pass me the heat, I'ma murder all my enemies
I got four bitches and we runnin' new century

[Hook: Berner] x2

[Verse 4: Offset]
Pillsbury, I'm a doughboy
All white Lam, coke boy
Most niggas don't know nothin'
A hundred thousand I can show 'em somethin'
I shot a nigga, put him on dialysis
Bricks comin' in packages
I could shoot a nigga cause I'm accurate
Migo gang like a bachelor

[Verse 5: Berner]
Good weed, blue pills, white Phantom
I like to pop Xans, I can't lie, I'm an addict
Hundred thousand dollars cash, let me have it
Vac seal 50, hit my grandma's house and stash it
Cherry pie clones in the back of the Yukon
18 wheeler full of reggie leavin' Tucson
White girls naked in my bed, she left her shoes on
Wake up hella early, get some head, buy a new gun
This is just the life that I live, I'm on my own hype
VVS stones in the club, it's like a strobe light
3 bedroom home, bought 20 grow lights
Give me 40 P's, 3 pills got me so high

[Hook: Berner]

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