Burn One Lyrics - Berner feat. Quez & Strap

Strap Hempire cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-4-1
length: 4:49

[Intro: Quez]
Everybody put your lighters up
It's the smokers anthem, yee

[Hook: Quez]
Burn one, burn one, burn one
I burn one, burn one, burn one
Come on, burn one, burn one, burn one
Chyeah, put your lighters up
Burn one, burn one, burn one, burn one
Burn one, burn one
Burn one, burn one, burn one

[Verse 1: Quez]
Who you know smoke a whole bag everyday?
Who you know plug with the bags in the bay?
OD on the cookie, finna goddamn faint
Double cup, yeah I got a goddamn pint
I say it's cheaper to keep her, but I can't live without reefer
Lighters up one time, cause you know the procedure
Smoke one, smoke one
If you a stoner can you roll one?

[Interlude: Berner]
Atlanta, Georgia what's up?
I brought a little California weed to smoke
Oh, and, welcome home, El Chapo Guzman

[Verse 2: Berner]
Taste so good I can't pass it
When I die smoke my ashes
Who you know touch down to a package
A fake name with that burned out address
We live life like who can live the fastest
I'm ridin' with a throw away
Try smoke away the pain but it never go away
Gelato with the Y, tell me why I'm still holdin' weight
Stashspot got a crazy bag
Snowman wax, here take a dab
Leave the stash house with 80 grand
Smoke so good Jamaica have me name their plant
This here is that wave
Lighters up if you came to get paid
Now smoke some if you blaze
Young kingpin in the weed game, burn one


[Verse 3: Quez]
I'm smokin' Skittles in the studio
Heh, Berner I don’t think they hear me though
They might rap it but we live it tho
Look how we smoke another O
Roll another LO, baby get blazed
In the hotel, got me going both ways
If you got good put that shit in rotation
That some real stoner, damn near smokin' all day
You ain't gotta share car, got my own seat
Ooo we in the zone, smokin' back to back to back
Smokin' [?] it don't matter where we at
Lighters up, all my stoners, where you at?

[Verse 4: Berner]
I be in my own world
While I float on the highway and smoke with your girl
100 dollar bills plus the smoke still fresh
And this lemon tree shatter feel crazy in my chest
I'm kinda lazy but I'm cool tho
This cookie here turn blue yo
Man, I'mma need a pack zen
I used to hustle in the rain and pay the rent, now I'm presedential
Rolex, ridin' in the Benz, 20 bitches on my dick
And I'm fuckin' all their friends, can we smoke some?
This exotic shit taste great
Fire up, can we pour another 8, mmm?

[Verse 5: Strap]
Fire weed got my eyes red
All eyes on me, that's what Pac said
All that fake ass frontin', you need to stop that
Try to smoke with me, you fuck around and drop that
Lemon tree got the room smokin'
Sippin' on something, make me move slowly
Yeah, got a pocket full of Percocets
On stage, try'na see which girl can twerk the best
Wow wow, oh yeah, she do it
Got a zip of cookies, we runnin' through it
Got a zip of Sherb and we runnin' through it
You just gotta pull up, shawty we can burn one


[Outro: Berner]
Yeah, I'm in my motherfuckin' zone while I'm ridin alone
I'm about to burn one, yeah
Where all my money getters at tho?
Atlanta to the dirty bay, this that bay shit
I see a shit

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