Who Sang No... I Want a Whole Pizza? Bestial Devastation

Release information
Release Date: 2005-7-25
length: 2:17

He’s gone with his friends to the pizzeria
He was hungry so he ordered a whole pizza
He haven’t in his plate the f*ckin’ whole pizza
Instead everybody ate his own pizza
It was very late and his anger increase more and more
Waitress asked him if he wanted a piece of another pizza
After that question he went insane and obsessed by gore
He answered her: No… I want a whole pizza
He crushed the plate and with crocks he cut her face
He dismembered her and put their organs on the pizza
Going to the kitchen he kill the chef with a pretty, pretty mace
With the pizza paste and the chef’s brain he cooked a whole pizza
Frightened customers tried to escape but he pursued them with knives
He decapitated one and used his head as decoration for the pizza
He became a mad cook, he didn’t care about their lives
With human remains made delicious his fantastic pizza
His clothes…
Were dirty…
Of blood…
And tomato…
He became a mad cook, he didn’t care about their lives
He screamed to mutilated corpses: No… I want a whole pizza

CD 1
  • 1 Bestialized
  • 2 Perverse Female Disfiguration
  • 3 Self-Defecation
  • 4 Splatter Mania
  • 5 Charlie Don't Shit
  • 6 Blek Tamarr', Part I
  • 7 Postmortem Fellatio
  • 8 The Sublime Art of Devastation
  • 9 The Thor's Hammer
  • 10 Cockless Man
  • 11 Keep on Playin'
  • 12 My Name Is Brokenass (Anal Fistula)
  • 13 Vai Mezza
  • 14 No... I Want a Whole Pizza
  • 15 Blek Tamarr', Part II
  • 16 In Memory of Dr. Satan
  • 17 Bestial Devastation

  • Release information
    label: Deadsun Records
    country(area): France
    format: CD
    barcode: 3700232672378
    script: Latin