Who Sang Broken & Ugly? Beth Hart

Beth Hart Leave the Light On cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Beth Hart
Release Date: 2003-10-21
Genre: Rock Blues Pop
Style: Blues Rock/Country Blues/Country Rock/Pop Rock/Vocal
length: 3:24
producer: Michael Bradford
piano: Beth Hart
lead vocals: Beth Hart
mixer: Eric Thorngren
organ: Jimmie Bones
guitar: Jon Nichols
drums (drum set): Scott Miracle
bass guitar: Tom Lilly
electric piano: Michael Bradford
lyricist: Beth Hart
composer: Beth Hart
Me and my dog really get along
She don't howl when I'm screamin' my songs
I cuss, I drink, I lie, I spit,
Guess I really don't give a ****
Broken and ugly yes I am
Still I feel good divin' in Mama
I'm runnin' again- odelay
Down in Alabama where I'm wanted in jail
I'm a little nervous in the Bible belt
I'm broke I'm smoked out and passed out on the bar

Then I took all the money and your grandma's car
Broken and ugly yes I am
Still I look good divin' in Mama
I'm runnin' again- Odelay
Do what ya do say what ya say
Don't waste no time on yesterdays
Cash in your ticket to ride
Don't let them talk you into walkin'
Into no one else's shoes
Don't be no sucker in line

CD 1
  • 1 Lifts You Up
  • 2 Leave the Light On
  • 3 Bottle of Jesus
  • 4 World Without You
  • 5 Lay Your Hands on Me
  • 6 Broken & Ugly
  • 7 Lifetime
  • 8 If God Only Knew
  • 9 Monkey Back
  • 10 Sky Full of Clover
  • 11 I’ll Stay With You