Who Sang Ordinary Life? Beth Hirsch

Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 5:20
Suddenly the sun is on
And turned up high
When you don't expect it
Heat's the best surprise

While our clothes are hanging on
For dear life, hanging out to dry out
Waiting to be used
Another day

Time for lunch
Time to set the table
Take a chair
Take the one you like

I wouldn't have to climb
The bar isn't so high
I wouldn't have to guess
The trouble on your mind

I'd hum against the wind
And often at your side
An ordinary "we"
An ordinary life

Even if you wanted to
You couldn't leave
Neighbors in your skin
Sifted through the lease

Pretty soon we'll be set to buy
We turned that round
We'll have you round
Go on bring your kids and dress it up

Holding on-holding up to grown-ups
Making due
Making due for now

They wouldn't have to climb
Ordinary "them"

CD 1
  • 1 Let It Live (beatless)
  • 2 I Know Why
  • 3 Titles & Idols
  • 4 Captain Daylight
  • 5 Nest Sensation (album version)
  • 6 Until I Met You
  • 7 Who Said
  • 8 Ordinary Life
  • 9 Nigel & Fiona
  • 10 Hindsight
  • 11 Let It Live (radical mix)