Bethlehem - Yesterday I Already Died Today Lyrics

release date: 2009-6-12
genres: Rock
styles: Black Metal
length: 4:55
Even now where I adjoin the wick
Architeuthis princeps finds himself
On a Quest after the religious Satan
for a naive sin in a desolate accomodation

And when the child with the b_____ mouth
Was denied the last kiss
It wasn't an answer to the last one

Fountain go to your Brother...
Then not a collar comes there of
Is he still red from the ice melting?

Why does the young copy have to like
the anomalies of a machine heart?

by now there are strange shadows
that move where once lonely foot steps
performed the dance that cried for heaven

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Devilcrazy God Thirteen
  • 2 Thou Shalt Kill Yourself
  • 3 Yesterday I Already Died Today
  • 4 Dead White Marten
  • 5 Through Stained Touch of My Nemesis
  • 6 Nexus
  • 7 Lingering Fart (A Fart Standing Still)
  • 8 As I Still Puked Caulerpa Taxifolia
  • 9 Vargtimmen
  • 10 Death Is Soft Stool...
  • 11 Reflections on Dying