Who Sang Firefly? BFG

BFG Fathoms cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1988-4-4
length: 4:39

Here at the start,
Here at the end,
Counting every breath that you take.
In forest shapes, shrink and grow
Voices through the fog that blind us.
From here to home, from head to bone
As the world walks into the water.
In reverence to God's first animal
All the others bow down before him
Hypnotised, mesmerised,
Waiting for the sun to climb

Firefly, dragonfly,
you burn so bright and fly so high,
fly so high.

CD 1
  • 1 In Fields of Sleep
  • 2 Higher Than Heaven is
  • 3 Malaria Summer
  • 4 Laughing Tigers
  • 5 Fathoms
  • 6 Firefly
  • 7 Coming Home
  • 8 Southern Bell
  • 9 Another Island
  • 10 Unsure She Said
  • 11 Mako