Who Sang Southern Bell? BFG

BFG Fathoms cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1988-4-4
length: 4:01

This city never sleeps,
This city runs the clock with every God given hour.
No time to stop and think,
No time for anything but tomorrows dress and yesterdays news.
Waiting for the dawn,
I see patterns forming, under currents running,
Screaming in my ears.
The city smokes and roars, this
Is what we struggled for,
And the weak at the wall get no answers, for now.
I found a picture of you,
Hidden away in the pages at the back
of my mind.
At the back of my mind.
Gulls fly to the canopy
It's old and grey
Like your face

CD 1
  • 1 In Fields of Sleep
  • 2 Higher Than Heaven is
  • 3 Malaria Summer
  • 4 Laughing Tigers
  • 5 Fathoms
  • 6 Firefly
  • 7 Coming Home
  • 8 Southern Bell
  • 9 Another Island
  • 10 Unsure She Said
  • 11 Mako