Big K.R.I.T. - Aux Cord 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2017-10-27
length: 3:15
Just pass the aux cord
Just pass the aux cord

I'm just tryna play that fly ****
Sly Family Stone ride ****
Even if you don't smoke, get high ****
Laid back like this that, this that, this that vibe
Finally got off work like this that, this that ride
To vacation, across 110th Street was blazing
For the motherless children that related to Mahalia
I know
You tired of that you can't feel it in your heart
Let the music be your secret lover like Atlantic Starr
New Birth, Wildflower was that jamming **** by far
And Eddie Kendricks' voice will have you singing in your car
I know, I know, I know Marvin played at your home
But that's the reason why your parents had to get it on
That's the reason why you're probably here anyway
Don't fret, you can play that bullshit any day, but
I'm just saying it's a whole catalogue
Of analog, the warmer sounds you've ever saw
Pass the aux chord

You ain't jamming, you ain't jamming
Just pass the aux cord
You ain't jamming, you ain't jamming
Just pass the aux cord
You ain't jamming, you ain't jamming
Just pass the aux cord
You ain't jamming, you ain't jamming
Just pass the aux cord

Instant Vintage, might as well, that Raphael Saadiq, yeah
Voodoo moved your soul, Cruisin' was made for L-U-V-ing
Badu food for thought, eat out of Apple-treeing
The sky forever golden, R.I.P B.B. King
Prince and MJ that we played, barbecue to death
Summer shine, summertime, Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff
Willie Hutch scored the mack while Foxy Brown was slept
Billy Paul, Me and Ms. Jones, I always knew she crept
Barry White, Love Unlimited for the Soul Brothers
Ohio players and heat wave for the Cole Brothers
Funkadelic, Minnie Riper through the speakers
Bill Withers, Johnny Taylor, cheaper just to keep her
David Ruffin and The Temptations
Christmas time and Silent Night, Gladys midnight train
Kept the Pips waitin', I'm saying
We can go and chill on that other ****
And join the Parliament, mothership
With this aux chord

Music on another level
Let this eargasm take you to heaven
And get you high

Waking me up
And taking me higher
You're waking me up
You're taking me higher
Keep waking me up

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