Not a Fan Lyrics - Big Shug feat. Reks & Termanology

Termanology Triple OGzus cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-3-17
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Boom Bap/Hardcore Hip-Hop
length: 4:57

[Intro: Big Shug]
Yeah man
Not a fan of all that garbage that they got out here man calling it music
But there is still a lot of good hip-hop though
Some good music out here too
So I’ma give yourself melodic, you know what I mean?
Big Shug with a couple of friends, feel me
It’s what it is
Not a fan though of that garbage
Check it

[Verse 1: Big Shug]
Only spitting shit you got to believe
You’s about as hood as Drake and Justin Bieb
You’s about as real as Hulk and Superman
Come to Mattapan, my sons will break your hands
Spicy veggies, curry, Pakistan
Big Shug reign supreme, I’m still that man
You can run if you want to, I’ll blaze your car
Nice footwork, you can go dance with the stars
Or decay in the trunk of a old stolen car
You don’t mean nothing to me, I don’t care who you are
One call will still get you stomped in a ball
No fronting tough, I done seen it all before
If I got beef, trust me, I’ll bring it to your door
And chop your ass up like I’m zipping the raw
You’s a cop caller, I see in your eyes
A snitch dude, the kind to despise
So I’ma open my stance with a bat in my hand
‘Cause I’ma send your head to the back of the stands
To be bagged and tagged in the back of a van
And buried deeply in six feet of sand
Yap, yap, yap, I can’t understand
You’s a good rapper, but I’m not a fan

[Hook: Big Shug]
I’m not a fan of yours
I’m not hating, all I’m just saying
Is I’m not a fan of yours

I’m not a fan, man
Look that way
Fuck out of here with that shit
Shug, what up

[Verse 2: Termanoloy]
I ain’t a fan of that shit you write, the whips and ice
You claim you got, how you play the blocks in Mercedes drives
When the truth is you’re going through illusions
Sitting in the house full of doubt, it’s confusing
You rap about ice, but you ain’t got a chain
Claiming you’re a gangster, but you ain’t got a name
Rappers nowadays perpetrate how they percolate
Man I miss the Raekwon, Ghostface, Purple Tape
Man I miss the De La, Gang Starr, Tribe days
Now we got a bunch of fake guys coming sideways
Looking in the mirror like “really, I’m the realist killer that ever lived”
But they never lived how we lived
I was raised in the ghetto, can you say the same though?
If you never lived like this, you shouldn’t say so
The music industry is fake as fuck, the music that they’re making sucks
Man I tell you I couldn’t make this up


[Verse 3: Reks]
I was talking with the legends
Hood politicking ‘bout the present state of rap and what you rep ain’t impressing
No, I’m not a fan
Was dope when you could throw a wack tape in garbage can
But now digital iTunes eliminate the physical, goddamn
Getting tagged with your BS
Radio payola got all the dumbed down rappers grabbing BDS
You see me stressed, you see the big homie Shug call Term and Reks
Told us aim for the necks
Cross dressing emo thugs, transgender sex
You can get the one between ring and index
Ding ding then flex off the turnbuckle then suplex
De La Soul, too complex
And with your nonsense bullshit content
If I don’t like it, I don’t like it, that’s common sense
Mattapan, I salute you, rest in power to the Guru
Forever gon’ rep for the true school
Word up

[Hook 2x]

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