Off Rip Lyrics - Big Shug feat. Termanology & Singapore Kane

Singapore Kane Triple OGzus cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-3-17
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Boom Bap/Hardcore Hip-Hop
length: 4:18

[Hook: Big Shug]
Off r-i-i-i-p, y-e-e-e-ah
Go, go, go, go
Off r-i-i-i-p, y-e-e-e-ah
Go, go, go, go
Off r-i-i-i-p, y-e-e-e-ah
Go, go, go, go

[Verse 1: Big Shug]
Ya better pay up when we hitting ya door
Or your only other option is kissing the floor
It's Big Shug, Term' and Singapore
Money getters, L blowers, clapping the fours
It's mayhem massacre, Murderpan mangler
It's so damn real that the Preme beat strangle ya
It's about time real came back around
Your silly circus shit with a game full of clowns
We still puffing perfect, splitting dutch with chocolate
Pay attention now, hip hop apocalypse
We hear ya slick talkers wanna boss flipping lips
Any real time, GangStarr, Full Clip
Got down on my knees, gave the sky a kiss
Got some words from the Guru that I'll never forget
He said, "Sorry Shug for that Solar shit
Make 'Em Pay up now. Get it off rip."


[Verse 2: Termanology]
Off the rip I'll rip off ya head
Let the gun tongue kiss you with lead
Tears shed, bodies missing and dead
Then I'll piss on ya bed
Throw a brick at your head
The infa-red is never impotent
Pop up with the steel make the gun get intimate
Choppers in the church parking lot cause we ignorant
Coppers we avoid 'em, they killing people that's innocent
Give me an AK and a pig, we getting into it
Kla-kla-kla bang bang boom
Ready to give my life address it at your wife's address
To put a target on the dress
They say you wanna kill a man's pride, go and kill his bitch
I'll say, "Kill his mama and make his father go dig a ditch"
You rappers ain't sick like me
Roll up to the club strapped with a 100 spics like me
I just drank a whole bottle of Jose to the dome straight
And this Rosay, I probably won't be getting home straight


[Verse 3: Singapore Kane]
Off rip I'm like the smoothest dude rolling with the rudest crew
Bring your cutie through and we'll twist her like Rubix Cube
Make her twist my doobie too cause youse a [?]
You always scared like Shaggy and Scooby Doo
I'm hostile, thoughts wild cause I ain't a lost child
But I got style closet tonight: stockpile
Super high and fly, life is the alibi
Limit is the sky, Livin' Proof like Malachi
Slap a body slammer guy or let the hammers fly
You hear that sound? Better duck like Anaheim
Skirt wearing bozos but nah you ain't homo
It's just for the promo
They matching with they Polos
But y'all know my steez, wave grease and some Wallabys
My eyes bloodshot red because I swallow trees
Off rip I ripped off cause of my melanin
But bad to the skeleton when you're soft like gelatin


"Count the mics that I rip"

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