On the Record Lyrics - Big Shug

Big Shug Who's Hard? cover art
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Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:23

This is Big Shug
It's time to set the record straight
Coming all the way from Murderpan
Repping Boston
A collabo with DJ Premier
Big Shug
Let's get it straight right now

[Verse 1]
Ain't no one above me
I sip bubbly and still spit lovely, I'm that's nice
I put your man under pressure
Slug him like Manny, now he's talking like the nanny, all bitched up
Switched up, supposed to be pop now
Supposed to be hot now, far from the block now, thank God
I still walk on the same street still
Know where to get heat, when you're off beat, I shoot at your feet
Then get you on back the rhythm of this hip-hop
Whether you're rocking the Timberlands or the flip-flops
It don't stop, it's rugged and underground
And I'm one of the heavyweights pound-for-pound
Those who hate, hate no more
Those who wait, wait no more
It's Big Shug spitting in the form of the four-fours
Leaving my name blazed across the door
When I spit, it's always first, not second
And all you DJs, put the needle to the record

[Hook: Scratches by DJ Premier]
"Put the needle on the record when the drum beats go like this"

[Verse 2]
For some time now, labels hated on me
Turned off the lights, shut the gates on me
Like a bad dream, I'm worse when you sleep
You're waking up with whores' heads in bed sheets
Traumatized when you see my ass
'Cause you niggas know that I'm just that bad
I'm just that man, but don't mistake me for the Mad Rapper
'Cause nigga, I get at ya
So when you see me, save them fake daps
You got five minutes to perform your fake act
Take off your shirt and bust your fake gat
I'm street, nigga, I come with the boom bap
Aim for the neck, clap, put your face in your lap
Real niggas open up and accept that
Fake niggas get down on the floors
Real niggas cock back and blow the four-fours
When I spit rhymes, I'm first, not second
And all you DJs, put the needle to the record

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3]
Rappers ain't great no more, they don't create no more
But they still sell out them fucking tours
We got the fans confused
If you got dough, you win, if your money's short, you lose
I'm an MC, that's my claim for fame
But all of us can't rap up in the game
You do you, and I'ma do us
If you want the raw, then I'm the one to trust
When I spit rhymes, I'm first, not second
And all you DJs, put the needle to the record

[Hook 2x]

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