The Way It Iz Lyrics - Big Shug

Big Shug Who's Hard? cover art
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Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:42
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Big Big Shug, Big Big Shug

[repeat 2X]
{*"And this is the way.. the way.." - Run*}
{*"The way it is" - Big Shug*}

[Big Shug]
I'm not the, _Lord of the Rings_, I'm the lord of poppin them things
Settin you up, and takin your bling
Hoes love the way I spit it though
Cause of the +Speakerboxxx+ they give me +Love Below+
I'm from Murderpan where they raise no snitches
But some cats still do, I navigate
nicely around them cats, you snitch on me?
They find your a__ out back
Bein chewed on by the pigeons and the rats
Hollow your body, and that's a fact black
Fo' sure
You not an MC, youse a rapper
Fashion yourself, after Hollywood actors
I ain't hatin on your progression though
Cause for two years now your skills have been in recession yo
No aggression, no passion, no heart
That's when s___, starts to fall apart
More money, more security
Out of touch n____ you can't even feel me
Deadbeat n____ owe money to your kids
That's just the way it is, the way it is

{*"And this is the way.. the way.."} - {*"The way it is"*}
{*"Now I'm back with the flyest material" - Erick Sermon*}
{*"And this is the way.. the way.."} - {*"The way it is"*}
{*"I got plans for this rap game"*}
{*"And this is the way.. the way.."} - {*"The way it is"*}
{*"The look in my eye punk, has got you scared of me" - Guru*}
{*"And this is the way.. the way.."} - {*"The way it is"*}
{*"The way it is"*}

[Big Shug]
Lil' mane, playin the blame game
Can't take the weight, blame it on your mayne
Sound like a b____, a-gain in the game
When s___'s goin smooth you go against the grain
Fake cuckoo, like you goin insane
But won't hold a gun to your m_________in brain
You used to be so right, you used to be so tight
Now I wanna knock out your f___in lights
Fright night n____, scared of your own shadow
You, you, yes you, you wanna battle?
I'll eat your a__ up and stuff you in a barrel
Crush up your bones and feed the pits the marrow
Serious biz, I got out for the scriz
That's just the way it is, the way it is

{*"And this is the way.. the way.. the way.." - Run*}


[Big Shug]
Dat's your wife? I know n____z that hit that
While you were bangin backs they was blowin out her back
This is wack, cause this is not on the low
But you like Mario, you don't wanna know
Trick like crazy, bills rather large
You go back to the crib screamin like you in charge
I'm in that black car smokin blunts in your yard
Suspect, no guts to be hard
Take you to the river tie your a__ to the log
Better yet, how about splittin your wig
That's just the way it is, the way it is

{*"And this is the way.. the way.." - Run*}

Yeah this is Big Shug baby, wait no more
This is definitely a sure shot
Holdin it down for the Gang Starr Foundation
Team Shug, and all those
My man T. West, Singapore
My man Guru, Primo! Holdin me down
This is how we move it, CL, this is the one for you man
We gon' take it to the top
That's the way it is {*echoes*}

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