Who Sang No I Don't No? Bile

Release information
Release Date: 1996-6-18
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Hardcore/Industrial/Electro/Heavy Metal
length: 2:32

I can talk and talk and talk, you don't listen to what I say
I can scream one thousand screams, you always cry, "No way!"
You are stuck in a little world, a closed mind, your fate
The more and more you look at me, the more and more I hate
Things you do drive me up the wall
You do them to dig into me, hoping I will fall. Well I have some advice for you, so as not to waste your time
I'm coming to a boil and vengeance will be mine
Feelings of love, feelings of hate
I can't decide which one to take

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Teknowhore
  • 3 Weather Control
  • 4 No One I Call Friend
  • 5 Habitual Sphere
  • 6 Compound Pressure
  • 7 Interstate Hate Song
  • 8 Green Day
  • 9 No I Don't No
  • 10 Suckers
  • 11 Lowest Form
  • 12 You Can't Love This, Part 1
  • 13 You Can't Love This, Part 2
  • 14 You Can't Love This, Part 3
  • 15 You Can't Love This, Part 4
  • 16 Solitude Is Bliss