Who Sang I’m Alright? Bill Anderson

Release information
Release Date: 1980
I'm alright I'm alright I'm a little bit red in the eyes a little bit hurt in the heart
A little bit weary in the soul but I'm alright I'm alright
You mean I'm worth the dime it took call me on the phone
Since when are you concerned about the way things are at home
I'm doing fine without you thank you me and the dog and the cat
I don't care what you're doing and I careless where you're at
I'm alright I'm alright

The beds are made my clothes are clean there's groceries on the shelf
You're not here to take care of me so I found somebody else
No I don't go out very much but I date the girl who does
She comes over here and loves me honey I ain't the fool I was
But I'm alright I'm alright
I'm alright I'm alright

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Corner of My Life
  • 3 You’re Still the Only One I’ll Ever Love
  • 4 My Life (Throw It Away if I Want To)
  • 5 Quits
  • 6 I’m Alright
  • 7 If You Can Live With It
  • 8 All the Lonely Women in the World
  • 9 Happy State of Mind
  • 10 Mercy
  • 11 Lonesome Is the Mother of Soul
  • 12 Get While the Gettin’s Good