Who Sang I'm the King of Joy? Bill Drummond

Bill Drummond The Man cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock/Country Rock
length: 2:46
You can burn the bridge
Flood the fjord
Storm the palace
And block the road
I've a heart like a viking
With the faith of a child
Have you ever heard the song "Born To Be Wild"?

He's the King of Joy
Oh oh oh the King of Joy

I did alot of loving
But then I got caught
The doctor said, "Boy, you got to stop,"
I said, "No, I got to carry on,"
He said, "Fine, then take me along."

I'll live this life
Then I'll live another
I can't be your wife
But I'll be your brother
If the world stopped turning
I'd push it on
'Cause I'm made of iron and I'm very strong

I left my job, and I skipped the rent
I've given up women for Lent
I've got a heartbeat that's bigger than Ben
When I walk by it's on news at ten

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