Who Sang What in the World? Bill Madden

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Release Date: 2006-1-3
Genre: Rock
length: 4:27
The world is slow to change
Big government likes it this way
It’s an us vs. them, no-win situation
The scam goes on ad infinitum
Whatever happened to honest John
When behind every righteous act
Someone’s doin’ us wrong
What in the world is goin’ on

The chasm’s expanding across
The great divide of have and have-nots
It’s a preoccupation of powerful nations
To award the rich in exchange for donations
I’d shut my mouth and not come on so strong
But the government has its head
Where it don’t belong
What in the world is goin’ on

Corporate malfeasance is a slick
Trick of the books that’s become epidemic
Big brotha’s had his dirty hand in the jar
For so damn long ain’t no more cookies

I see the human cost
Lives ruined, jobs lost
To turn it around for the better
We must act now and come together
It’s the same political scam and con
If that ain’t a kick in the pants
Well I’ll be doggone
What in the world is goin’ on
What in the world is goin’ on
What in the world is goin’ on
What in the world is goin’ on

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin