Who Sang I'll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning? Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys

Release information
Release Date: 1964-6
length: 3:03
producer: Harry Silverstein
guitar: Joe Stuart
banjo: Joe Drumright
double bass: Bessie Lee Mauldin
fiddle: Benny Williams
lead vocals: Bill Monroe
mandolin: Bill Monroe
composer: Bill Monroe
lyricist: Bill Monroe
On Sunday, when the church bells start ringin'
They're ringin' for you and for me
Let's all kneel down at the altar
And pray that our souls might be free.

I'll meet you in church Sunday morning
And we'll all kneel down and pray
We'll pray to our Lord up in heaven
To guide us safe home on our way.

It's a place where we all meet on Sunday
To worship our Lord up above
And let all of our sins be forgiven
And meet with our loved ones above.

Repeat chorus

In heaven I hear a voice callin'
From the land where there's one endless day
Let's all be prepared to meet Jesus
The path is narrow to that home far away.

Repeat chorus

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