Who Sang I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do? Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys

Release information
length: 2:52
lead vocals: Clyde Moody
guitar: Clyde Moody
mandolin: Bill Monroe
double bass: Bill Wesbrooks
fiddle: Tommy Magness
tenor vocals: Bill Monroe
Eight weeks ago tonight we parted
It's hard to realize we're through
When we quit you said you'd always love me
Now I wonder if you feel the way I do

I'll never forget our days to gether
Even tho' I know they're very few
I loved you then and will forever
I wonder if you feel the way I do

It's the strangest and the sweetest love dear
That two people ever knew
You told me that I need not worry
That for ever you'd be true

It makes no difference wheere I wander
No matter what I say or do
I'll always think of you my darlin'
And wonder if you feel the way I do

As through this dreary world I wander
My thoughts will always be of you
It seeme to me there's no use livin'
If you feel the way I do