Who Sang Bonny? Bill Monroe & James Monroe

James Monroe Father & Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1973
length: 2:02
producer: Harry Silverstein
banjo: Rual Yarbrough
double bass: Joe Zinkan
fiddle: Tommy Williams and Kenny Baker
guitar: James Monroe
lead vocals: James Monroe
mandolin: Bill Monroe
tenor vocals: Bill Monroe
Every word on my mind
Bonny is your good-bye
Black, black, black, black is the day
No sun is shining in my world
Bonny, since you went away

Sad, sad, sad, sad in my heart
All my laughter's turned to tears
Bonny, since you've been apart

Every pretty flower has
Turned to brown
They all look like me
With their head tied down
My heart only sing the sadness song
Bonny, since you've been gone

Cry, cry, cry, you know I cry
Every word on my mind
Bonny is your good-bye
Every word on my mind
Bonny is you good-bye

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 I Haven’t Seen Mary in Years
  • 2 Love, Please Come Home
  • 3 When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall
  • 4 Tall Pines
  • 5 Banks of the Ohio
  • 6 Mother’s Only Sleeping
  • 7 Foggy Mountain Top
  • 8 Walls of Time
  • 9 Bonny
  • 10 Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
  • 11 What Would You Give in Exchange

  • Release information
    label: MCA Records
    script: Latin