Who Sang Foggy Mountain Top? Bill Monroe & James Monroe

James Monroe Father & Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1973
length: 2:10
producer: Walter Haynes
banjo: Jack Hicks
double bass: Monroe Fields
fiddle: Tommy Williams and Kenny Baker
guitar: James Monroe
lead vocals: Bill Monroe and James Monroe
mandolin: Bill Monroe
tenor vocals: Bill Monroe
1. If I had listened t'what Mama said,
I would not have been here today;
Wishing for things I'll never have,
And weeping my sweet life away.

cho: If I was on some foggy mountain top,
I'd sail away to the West
I'd sail all around this old wide world
To the one I love the best.

2. You caused me to weep, you caused me to mourn,
You caused me to leave my home;
Oh, that lonesome pine and those good old times,
I'm on my way back home.


3. Oh, when you see that two-faced blonde,
There's somethin' you can tell 'er;
She need not fool her time away,
A-tryin' to steal a feller.


4. Oh, when you come to courtin' now,
Put on you navy blue;
That long tail "roust-a-bout" you wear,
Don't do a thing for you.


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 I Haven’t Seen Mary in Years
  • 2 Love, Please Come Home
  • 3 When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall
  • 4 Tall Pines
  • 5 Banks of the Ohio
  • 6 Mother’s Only Sleeping
  • 7 Foggy Mountain Top
  • 8 Walls of Time
  • 9 Bonny
  • 10 Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
  • 11 What Would You Give in Exchange

  • Release information
    label: MCA Records
    script: Latin