Who Sang That Man? Billie Jo Spears

Release information
Release Date: 1992
length: 2:37
I've got to leave that man alone that makes a fool of me
I've got to leave while I've still got my pride
If I'd stay around much longer it'll be too late for me
I'd better listen to that voice I hear inside
That man doesn't love you girl can't you see he's just using you
That man doesn't love you girl that man ain't the man for you

I'd seen the way he looks at girls with hunger in his eyes
And I felt the coldness of his lips on mine
He still tells me he loves me but I can tell he lies
Cause I hear that little voice inside my mind
That man doesn't love you girl...
That man ain't the man for you

  • 1 Mr. Walker, Its All Over
  • 2 Keep Me From Crying Today
  • 3 Look Out Your Window
  • 4 Tips and Tables
  • 5 Stand by Your Man
  • 6 Hold Me Tight
  • 7 That Man
  • 8 My Arms Stay Open Late
  • 9 You Couldn't Even Light His Candle
  • 10 Thanks for Hangin' Round, World
  • 11 What Have They Done to My Song
  • 12 It Makes No Difference Now
  • 13 He's on the Run Again
  • 14 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  • 15 Fever
  • 16 Ease the Want in Me
  • 17 Dallas
  • 18 Sunshine
  • 19 Souvenirs and California Memories
  • 20 I'll Never Be Free